The Benefits Of An Insurance Network Partnership: How Independent Brokers Succeed

 As an independent broker, you’ve got some big competition. If you’re going to succeed, you need the right carrier access, cutting-edge technology, and winning strategies. A partnership can give you all of this and more – without making you give up your independence. Here’s how the Heffernan Network helps independent brokers succeed.


Heffernan Network is a wholly owned subsidiary of Heffernan Insurance Brokers, one of the largest independent insurance brokerage firms in the country. As an independent brokerage, the team at Heffernan understands what independent brokers need in a partner. At the same time, Heffernan’s impressive size means it has the resources required to help independent brokers thrive in a competitive space.

We’re talking about appointments with more than 700 insurers. For independent brokers, carrier access is often the biggest hurdle. You can’t offer your clients the products they need if you can’t get access to top carriers. By joining Heffernan Network, you get the access you need to support your sales and retention goals. This includes direct or indirect access to commercial, personal, group health, and life insurance lines, helping you provide the best coverage fit for every client and stand out against competitors.

Some of these products can’t be found anywhere else. Heffernan offers exclusive programs and products and programs to restaurants, wineries, assisted living facilities, and other industries. When you partner with Heffernan Network, you gain access to these exclusive programs.

Furthermore, our massive premium volume affords us preferred rates and a trusted underwriting relationship with many carriers. When some brokers might get a declination on a piece of business, we will receive a competitive quote. Ultimately, these scenarios help you win and keep more customers.


The right strategies and technology can help independent brokers get ahead, but it can be hard for brokers to stay on top of all the latest trends and developments on their own. 

As a firm believer in the power of innovation, Heffernan Network is partnered with Broker Tech Ventures, a broker-led investor group dedicated to innovation for insurance brokers.

When brokers partner with Heffernan Network, they get access to perks like Virtual Assistants, as well as other technology, administration and business development tools. One example is Indio – a platform that streamlines the renewal process, saving you and your clients valuable time and improving client retention rates.  

In every circumstance, we strive to help you operate more efficiently so instead of focusing on mundane administrative tasks, you are free to focus on growing your agency. 


Whether you’re trying to generate more leads or close a sale with a large account, you need support.

Heffernan Network offers real-time support selling all lines of coverage. Brokers also gain access to in-depth knowledge that can help them tackle lucrative niches with confidence.

For example, brokers who want to pursue personal lines will benefit from the support for high-net-worth personal insurance and financial services products, while brokers who want to serve employers will appreciate support for group medical, 401(k) programs, and workers’ compensation claims management.

Heffernan Network brokers have access to niche experts for cannabis, construction, food manufacturers & wholesalers, hospitality risk, non-profits as well as transportation & real estate. Through Heffernan Insurance Brokers, partner agencies gain access to in-depth knowledge regarding insurance products for contractors, including wrap and OCIP coverage, bonds, and trade credit.

With our coaching, advocacy, and product expertise behind you, you can easily cross-sell new products and expand into new industries without feeling like a fish out of water.


The insurance market is always changing. As an independent insurance broker, you have to navigate hard markets, shifting carrier appetites, and regulatory changes. It helps to have someone on your side.

Heffernan Network provides real-time support servicing customers. When you partner with Heffernan Network, you get access to dedicated fulfillment executives, outsourced account managers, a risk placement tool, educational tools, discounted agency management system contracts, and more.

Beyond weekly real-time updates regarding carrier appetites and changes, we offer white papers on the state of the industry as well as 1:1 strategic guidance to ensure your new business closes and renewals maintain their home within your agency. A dedicated Client Relationship Manager is available to answer all your market intelligence questions.

We are an extension of your team which is a huge advantage in today’s challenging labor market.


No matter how great a partnership sounds, it won’t make sense if it doesn’t help you grow and increase profitability.

A partnership with Heffernan Network can help you achieve higher commissions and access to profit sharing. The partnership can also help you cross-sell all types of insurance products, increasing the volume of sales you can make substantially. All of this is on top of access to national A-rated carriers and exclusive programs.

The bottom line: Heffernan Network provides the fastest and easiest path for achieving your goals. In fact, some agencies have increased their profit sharing by 30% through this partnership!


Heffernan Network TeamHeffernan Network isn’t owned by a bank or other financial institution. It’s a subsidiary of an independent brokerage that understands the priorities of independent brokers.

When you partner with Heffernan Network, you can remain independent and own your own book. You don’t have to worry about tricky contracts that trap you in unfavorable situations, either.

Of course, at some point in your career, you might be ready to sell your agency. When that time comes, Heffernan Network offers customized exit and perpetuation solutions, too.

Heffernan Network is dedicated to its mission of helping small insurance agencies take their businesses to the next level. If you need back office support, a robust suite of top carrier products or accelerated growth, this partnership is an easy decision. When you crunch the numbers, you’ll find that the financial advantages of a Heffernan Network partnership far exceed the cost of joining.