Agency Perpetuation



Heffernan Network Insurance Brokers collaborates with, invests in, and builds companies that complement and support the independent insurance agency space through agency acquisition and perpetuation. We believe there is, and will continue to be, an important place for the independent insurance agency, and we want you to join us in playing a significant role in fulfilling that expectation.

We understand that the independent insurance agency space is going to change significantly over the next decade, and we intend to be a major part of the next generation. This is why we are offering our custom agency acquisition and perpetuation services to independent agencies.

At Heffernan Network, we offer two distinct agency perpetuation solutions:

Perpetuation while keeping existing brand

Within our relationship, we offer a unique opportunity for local and regional independent brokers to perpetuate or sell their firm while keeping their agency name and brand. 

A collaboration with Heffernan Network agency perpetuation offers:

  • We acquire the agency via an asset purchase.
  • No impact to your clients as agency operations stays the same (same name, staff and services).
  • Assistance in elevating an identified leader within the firm, or plugging in a new leader.
  • Ongoing ownership opportunity for management/leadership.
  • Support and mentorship for leaders and management.
  • A perpetuation plan if you don’t already have one.
  • Sourcing acquisition opportunities and guidance on closing them.
  • Access to capital for tactical acquisitions.

Traditional Agency Acquisition

We provide high-quality local customer service, tools, and resources for your growth and connect local agencies looking for a merger solution with a national, independent brokerage firm, Heffernan Insurance Brokers.

When you work with us, we provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Work with like-minded executives.
  • Invest in employees’ careers through training, support, and mentoring staff.
  • Access an entrepreneurial culture promoting collaboration, growth, independence, and teamwork.
  • Leverage our experience, reputation, and provide additional support and operational functions.
  • Access purposefully sourced tools, products, and concepts that best serve clients and employees.
  • Improved workflows and help to ensure your clients’ success.
  • Access several exclusive programs.
  • Leverage expertise and depth of resources around our niche businesses.


A partnership with Heffernan Network can come in various shapes and sizes. If joining Heffernan Network is not the right next step for you and your agency, let’s explore other ways we can work together.

Our goal is to help independent agencies, like yours, continue to grow by leveraging our entrepreneurial drive, insurance market influence, technology, and back office support systems. In most cases, we can craft a relationship that is just the solution you have been looking for.


We have a proven track record of over 70 years in the insurance space. We want to come alongside you and your agency to best-position you for success.

We are not just interested in buying revenue from agencies, but rather looking for like-minded insurance professionals to join our growing family.

If you want to retire and walk away from the business, we will pay top valuations. If you want to sell the majority of your agency, but still retain some ownership and continue to work for the agency, we have strategies you will like.