Third-Party Resources are Force Multipliers for Insurance Agencies & Brokers

What Third-Party Resources Do Insurance Agency Owners (& Brokers) Need?

Disruptive market forces and mounting regulatory pressures are redefining the traditional role of insurance agencies. Agency Owners (or Brokers) often find themselves working on their business instead of working at it, which can have a negative impact on the bottom line.

Access to innovative third-party resources can act as a force multiplier by taking on such crucial tasks as:

  • Market access
  • Back-office support
  • Technology solutions
  • Education and training


Using a third-party’s resources frees agents to focus on what is most important:
Providing exceptional service to retain current customers and acquire new ones.

These resources are tailored for agencies of all sizes, growth stages and industry sectors.

Heffernan Network Effective third-party resources are strategic partners, not simply vendors. They not only meet existing needs in areas where agencies may lack human or capital resources but also identify opportunities for future growth.

Heffernan Network Insurance Brokers offers a broad suite of third party resources and market access, including:

Carrier relations. Maintaining carrier relationships has always been challenging, but today it can be difficult to even get access to certain carriers. Heffernan Network, because of its strong national reputation, not only opens doors but also handles every detail from negotiating contracts and commissions to regular outreach and communications.

Product line expansion. With so many new insurance products entering the marketplace, separating the wheat from the chaff is a never-ending job. Heffernan Network has its finger on the pulse of the industry and will only recommend products that have been thoroughly vetted and that complement a partner agency’s existing portfolio.

For client demands that are outside your core competencies and licensing, our Outsourced Fulfillment Team allows you to cross-sell and expand your offering even further.

Technology. Agency management technology is changing rapidly. Heffernan Network can recommend, implement and train employees on the latest platforms that improve the efficiency of payroll, new business submissions & renewal workflows, data management, claims, accounting, profit/loss reports and customer relationship management.

Large account support. Heffernan Network professionals partner with Affiliate Brokers throughout the entire process, from qualification to marketing through closing the deal and servicing the account.

Sales and marketing support. A highly trained and motivated staff is every agency’s greatest asset. Heffernan Network provides exclusive webinars, member newsletters and other tools to keep everyone current and performing at peak efficiency.

Agencies don’t need to do – and probably can’t do -- everything themselves.

Especially as the industry grows more complex.

Smart Brokers (Or Agency Owners) understand that the key to sustained growth is a strategic partnership that can provide third-party resources and market access that will enable them to focus on the things they do best.

Contact Heffernan Network Insurance Brokers to see how they can be your agency partner for Opportunity, Leverage and Innovation.

Heffernan Network Insurance Brokers

Heffernan Network provides turn-key solutions to assist with the challenges of running an agency, including:

  • Expansive carrier access and market intelligence
  • Exclusive proprietary technology solutions
  • Proprietary programs and insurance products to help you differentiate
  • Tools to make key technologies easy to engage with
  • A la carte assistant and support
  • Account management support
  • Perpetuation/exit strategies

As your go-to Agency Partner, we provide every affiliate with a white glove, concierge level of support.

Our Affiliate Partnerships Support:

  • Startup Agencies
  • Agencies looking to Grow
  • Agencies looking to Perpetuate/Exit

Heffernan Network is your agency partner for Opportunity, Leverage, Innovation and Perpetuation.