[Podcast] Heffernan Network Featured on Insurance Nerds Podcast

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John Prichard Jr, Heffernan Network’s president, was recently interviewed on the Profiles in Risk Podcast from Insurance Nerds.

In this episode, John talks with Insurance Nerds’ Nick Lamparelli and Tony Cañas about advice to independent agents and how Heffernan Network can empower them to do their best work.

OLI President John Prichard Junior
Heffernan Network President, John Prichard Jr

How do you open an insurance agency?

This episode discusses the answer to that question along with all the different pieces of starting and managing an insurance agency from carrier appointments, technology, sales, accounting and a whole host of other factors.

John also discusses the insurance tech scene as it relates to agents and brokers, and what’s available to them.

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Thanks again to Nick and Tony for featuring us on the show!

To learn more about Heffernan Network and what we can offer independent insurance agents, check out our about page, read our Heffernan Network Insights, or jump straight to becoming an affiliate.