[Podcast] Coverager: How Agents & Brokers Must Prepare in a Post-Pandemic New Normal

Steve Williams was a recent guest on the Coverager podcast discussing how agents and brokers must prepare in a post-pandemic new normal. 

Who is Steve Williams?

Steve Williams is the Director of Corporate Development for Heffernan Insurance Brokers & Heffernan Network Insurance Brokers. He has helped Heffernan’s retail insurance division strive to offer clients and affiliated partners some of the best insurance and risk management solutions. As a director at Heffernan Network Insurance Brokers, he is also able to bring all of his knowledge, contacts, and resources to Heffernan Network clients.

On the show, Steve and Nick discuss how agents/brokers should be redoubling their efforts to focus on the business activities that are most valuable to their companies. 

Steve shares how Heffernan Network Insurance Brokers can help agents with this by allowing those agents the capability to focus while Heffernan Network picks up the slack in other areas such as back office etc. 

During the conversation, they also looked at the market for agencies and how agent leaders need to think about how they strategize for their futures.

Thanks Nick for having Steve on the show and giving us the chance to talk about how to innovate your small insurance agency!

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You can also listen to the full episode on the Coverager website

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